Friday, 11 November 2011

general rumblings

I've been having serious doubts about my Ork army recently as their performance has been less than spectacular. I am now been whispered in my ear by the dark gods. Since i was under the Emperors wing when i used to lead a contingent of the Ultramarine army with Lord Macragge at my side i could feel Abaddon looking at me, calling me to buy and paint him and let him give blood and heresy to the universe.
        I am now looking to either pack up and sell my orks or have them as a mantle piece display that will gather dust as i feel that i can no longer withstand the urge to join the chaos forces and declare "death to the false emperor". In fact in hindsight i should have avoided the Orks in the first place as when i started getting back into the hobby it wasn't to play but to paint and what models did i buy to start painting? Chaos, Chaos, Chaos! I bought Chaos Knights from warhammer classic and i even built a diorama depicting a chaos war lord crushing a space marine from my old ultramarine's chapter under his feet.
Blood for the blood god!

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  1. I thought you were well into Orks but if you're changing army because you prefer them then awesome..
    Am not fond of the Chaos codex much, I tend to see it as rather lacking (moreso than Orks to me) tho I'd love an army after reading fluff stuff lately.

    Go for it it that is what you want!
    Chaos are great backgroundwise and look set to shine in the future, just don't expect you'll immediately start winning games.
    As I said on 121, you're loss is mainly due to the experience gap between you and your opponents so changing codex won't improve matters much unless you've more natural talent with marine armies... Or the Chaos gods favour you.