Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire night madness

I sit here writing whilst outside it sounds like WWIII. I've been quite busy today looking up how to paint camouflage for my new unit of orks in warhammer 40k as they are a group of specialist guerilla fighters. I also had some good fun at work playing the A-Z game where you pick a subject and then give examples using the alphabet but you both have to give examples so for instance, food; apple + avocado, banana + bread and so forth. Gets quite tough towards the end for added excitement you can have a punishment of a punch on the arm if you can't give an answer, its amazing how blank your mind goes when you start worrying about a punch on the arm coming up!
Last night I was having a conversation with Elle who runs Igota4 (link below) about the state of GW (games workshop). I was arguing that in these financial times GW need to concentrate on their core games but also offer value for money as I pointed out the about 95% of my ork army was not store bought but either eBay or reseller. The point I.made is that GW must have a high mark up as most online resellers have around 20% off rrp. I think the worst type of person to be in this world is a geek as everything is so expensive, I looked into buying an r2d2 bin and they retail for around £200! Why is it a chav can buy cheap clothes but I can't get an Ork Stompa for £40? Well that's my rant over for tonight.
Oh btw the smell was from something I should have thrown away about a week ago :)
I've also included a pic of one of my Camo attempts

Peace out!

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