Monday, 14 November 2011

Fantasy racism

Hey there,
                  I've been scratching my head over a puzzle I can't see an answer to. Why is fantasy racist?
I'm asking this because I can't think of a single ethnic minority character in the human forces of Games Workshop armies. I have googled it to no avail. Surely in the whole of the fantasy realm there has to be one black guy or a Asian man of some sort?
What causes dark skin? Melanin. Melanin creates vitamin D in the skin and where there is more sun, the locals are darker skinned. Now surely there are hot planets like Armageddon in the 41st millennium that have hot seasons which would give the inhabitants dark skin?
Seriously name me a hq character in any imperial army who is black?
Now this story sounds familiar; man decides to cleanse the under races by creating the super human army who are bred for strength and intelligence and will follow obediently all orders. Hmmmm.... Didn't a guy with a side parting and a moustache have that idea?
I was always tempted to paint a space marine sergeant black as an up yours to gw.
Oh yeah. Who are the space marines most hated adversaries?
Who wear what colour mostly?
I rest my case.


  1. The Salamanders chapter are black skinned as their homeworld is highly volcanic and regularly affected by solar radiation.
    So there you have a thousand marines with dark skin, with their special character Vulkan He'stan (and previously Xavier as well before he was killed between editions).

    If you check pg111 of the Space Marine codex you'll see a Salamander Command squad whose captain is without helmet and again on pg120 there is a Land Speeder pilot without one.


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